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Columbia Labor Lab leverages the tools of social science to understand and strengthen efforts to rebuild the economic and political power of workers.

We work in partnership with unions and worker associations, affording us access to unique data and providing us opportunities to directly test the implications that follow from our work. With our partners, we directly apply state-of-the-art research methods in the social sciences: large-scale surveys, interviews, field experimental designs, administrative data linking and analysis, and machine learning.

Ongoing partnerships

Healthcare Union

In partnership with a healthcare labor union, we are evaluating the causal impact of labor organizing on health and labor market outcomes in the healthcare sector.

Communication Workers of America

In collaboration with Communication Workers of America, we are evaluating the impact of Runaway Inequality political trainings on subsequent union and political activities and beliefs.

United for Respect

In collaboration with United for Respect, we’re using an experimental design to evaluate the impact of a new form of online organization—facilitated online groups—on those working in low-wage, precarious retail jobs.

Who we are


Portrait of Kate Andrias

Kate Andrias
Columbia Law School

Portrait of Alex Hertel Fernandez

Alex Hertel-Fernandez
Columbia SIPA Political Science

Suresh Naidu
Columbia SIPA and Economics

Portrait of Adam Reich

Adam Reich
Columbia Sociology

Patrick Youngblood, Columbia Labor Lab Research Manager

Kathleen Griesbach, Sociology, UT Austin

Stephanie Luce, Sociology and Labor Studies, CUNY

Ruth Milkman, Sociology and Labor Studies, CUNY

Hana Shepherd, Sociology, Rutgers University

Rachel Sherman, Sociology, New School

Niha Singh, Economics, Notre Dame

Aaron Sojourner, Economist at the Upjohn Institute for Employment Research

Andrea Contreras, Columbia 2024

Sam Donahue, PhD student, Columbia Sociology

Luke Elliott-Negri, PhD student, CUNY Sociology

Katy Habr, PhD student, Columbia Sociology

Emily Mazo, PhD student, Columbia Sociology

Gina Markov, PhD student, Columbia Economics

Hannah Puelle, Columbia 2025

McKenna Roberts, Barnard 2026

Easton Schindler, Columbia 2024

Leena Yumeen, Columbia 2023

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Patrick Youngblood
Research Manager

Columbia University Labor Lab

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